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Today we celebrate the threshold date when a milestone age is reached!...
Today we celebrate the threshold date when our youngest member of staff turns 30....
Leamington Fire Station...


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Charity Cycle Ride Final Day
Day 7This is the last day of the challenge, taking the 2 wheeled challengers from K...

Cambodia The Final Frontier
Link to the Cambodia leg video

Good Morning Vietnam the Movie Part 1
There is a link below to a short YouTube video Part 1 Just click & enjoy! ...

Charity Cycle Ride Day 6
Day 6 Today the Challenge Cancer entourage cycled from Phnom Penh to Kampong Thum. A great moment of joy and liberation was enjoyed as they achieved a maximum downhill speed of 31.8mph as they descended a large bridge. We ...

Good Morning Vietnam the Movie Part 2
Part 2 of the epic link below.

Charity Cycle Ride Day 5 (Rest Day)
Day 5 Well, we are pleased to report that our man in the field has resurfaced, and given his report on Day 3. Apparently, the day...

Charity Cycle Ride Day 4
Day 4 Day 4 sees our tourist explorers approaching the line into Cambodia from Vietnam. We understand that the cycling involved a steady hill climb as they approached the border with Cambodia. This was met with apprehension, as the land cycled to date has been very flat,...

Charity Cycle Ride Day 3
Day 3 Today will be the longest ride, planned at over 50 miles. Our man in the field has not provided a report for today so far – it may be that he’s exhausted and in need of a pint. However, as a pint is forbidden due to the cycling regime, he may be crying in a corner somewhere….. From ...

Charity Cycle Ride Day 2
Day 2 The second day saw our intrepid band of cyclists leave their hotel in Tra Vonh and headed to see their 1st Buddist temple; as alcohol is a no-no when cycling this kind of distance & terrain, clearly they were in need of some peace &...

Charity Cycle Ride Day 1
Day 1The first day took the team through small villages and the town of Ben Tre, and over waterways, including a 20 minute ferry cr...

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