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Defying time, fate, and COVID 19, we have another milestone birthday!!...
SKILTS SEN School, Kitts Green, Birmingham...
We should all stand for this!...

Defying time, fate, and COVID 19, we have another milestone birthday!!

Today another member of our team, Peter Allbutt, reached his bullseye age of 50!

We all had doubts as to whether he’d get here, following an ill-advised visit to the Death Clock website a number of years ago, and the stresses of design and contract management. We are pleased to report that, due to a vast lifestyle change, an obsession with gym and fitness, and careful delegation, he’s made it, and is well on the way to obtaining the beach body he’s always dreamed of. 

Due to current social distancing regulations, sadly, nobody will be close enough to actually appreciate said beach body without binoculars, but, here at CGJ, we applaud and appreciate his efforts. 

We’re all wondering which beach he’s planning on going to, however.

We’ve heard a rumour that Pete’s going to celebrate 50 years by tidying his desk, but I’ll believe that when I see it. There’s 50 years of filing to do, for a start…….

All of us at CGJ Services would like to wish Pete a very happy birthday, and a fantastic weekend.

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