Our Approach

CGJs style is consultative, and our team engage with the client in order to fully realise the needs of the scheme, offer advice, and discuss alternative options before finally formulating the best possible solution to meet the requirements of project. It is this methodology and concentration of efforts during the early design stages that focuses on the clients intended use of the building that helps provide a smooth installation and assists any maintenance programme.

We approach every project with a caring attitude and consider the building services elements as a whole which helps to fully comprehend the clients needs, delivering a successful cost effective solution. By viewing the project as a holistic assignment, we carefully consider the buildings lifecycle to maximise productivity and sustainability, focusing on construction costs and occupation to create a safe and secure environment for its users. Our added advantage that of taking dual accountability for both the design and the installation elements, means that we have continual close contact with the project team (on and off site) from the initial concept design to practical completion and handover to the client. Its this hands on approach, breadth of skills and on site presence, which enables us to resolve any unforeseen circumstances efficiently and effectively.

Experience and clients tell us that its these principles that we adhere to (from design concept, installation, through to the ongoing maintenance support), which help to ensure that projects run smoothly.