Client: Warwick School
Architect: Nicholas Hare
Designer: Coles, Grant & Jones Building Services Ltd.
Services Value: £6 Million

In May 2017, CGJ Services were approached to assist with the design and cost development of M&E services to 4 proposed new school buildings at Warwick School.

Phase 1 consisted on two buildings, referred to as N1 & N4

N4 Building is a three storey Sixth Form Centre, comprising meeting roomsand Staff Work areas, with Study Spaces, Careers Area and Library, and a coffee kitchen.

N1 Building is a two storey Girls School Building, comprising a Dining Hall and Kitchen area, a School Hall, Drama facilities, a Library and Resource area, andover 30 classrooms of mixed usage, including Science, IT Teaching and Humanities, together with Staff Workspaces, Offices and Toilet facilities.

Phase 2 also consisted of two buildings, referred to as N2 and N3

N2 Building is a “wraparound extension” onto the existing sports centre, comprising of a new Gymnasium, Fitness Suite and Changing Facilities on the one face of the Existing Sports Building, and new Classrooms and Staff Workrooms on the other side, briefly comprising of 3 Art Rooms, teaching rooms for Food Technology, Ceramics and Print Rooms, 2 DT Rooms, plus a Dark Room,Kiln Room, Staff work areas and DT Materials Prep Area.

N3 Building is a dedicated music school, with 3 No Music Teaching spaces, an Auditorium and associated Sound / Lighting Control Room, plus Rehearsal Room,Percussion Room, and 14 small Practice spaces.

In conjunction with the main contractor and architect, CGJ engineered the costs and services in order to meet the available budget, whilst ensuring that the services are suitable for the usage of the building, and meet the aesthetics requested by the architect and client.

N4 Building commenced in January 2018, and is predominantly naturally ventilatedby automated windows and dampers within a central atrium area, with LPHW heating throughout. All lighting and feature lighting is LED, and the project was completed in Summer 2018.

N1 Building commenced in Summer 2018. The building is, once again, lit internally and externally with LED lighting, and the majority of the building is naturally ventilated by automated windows, fresh air dampers and roof turrets. Mechanical ventilation is provided to specialist areas as required, with “peak lopping” tolarge areas such as the school hall via AHUs fitted with DX coils. Heating is provided via LPHW radiators and fan convectors, with local DX cooling providedto IT rooms and Drama Studios

Staff and teaching spaces are fitted with data and small power outlets as required,with domestic water services to all sanitary and catering appliances. CAT5 cold water supplies are provided to the Science benches.

The project was completed in Summer 2019.

N2 Building commenced in Spring 2019, and, like N1 & N4 is illuminated with LED lighting. All areas are naturally ventilated, with mechanical ventilation to internal spaces, changing areas and toilets. All classrooms are naturally ventilated by automated rooflights and opening windows and, with Natural ventilation louvres and turrets in the Gym. LPHW heating is provided to the whole area by radiators, with radiant panels in the Gym. Staff and teaching spaces are fitted with data and small power outlets as required, with domestic water services to all sanitary appliances.

N2 Building was completed in Autumn 2019.

The works to N3 Building commenced in Autumn 2019. Due to its use as a music school, the design works have had to be carefully considered.

In order to prevent noise pollution from outside into music teaching & performance areas, and to prevent the musical performances disturbing surrounding areas,mechanical ventilation is required throughout, as opening windows are not feasible in such an environment. All supply ventilation is tempered via DX coils to allow the warming of fresh air and “peak lopping” of the teaching and performance spaces. The entrance atrium space is naturally ventilated via a small number of opening windows, which also provide night cooling during warmer months. This makes best use of natural resources to maintain comfortable temperatures during the day when the windows cannot be open.

All areas are heated via LPHW radiators, with controls being configured to pre-warm larger areas without the use of forced air, which could cause noise issues. Heavily populated areas are cooled via  locally mounted DX units as required.

Lighting is LED throughout, to our standard specification. A small WC block has domestic water services to all sanitary appliances, and staff and teaching spaces are fitted with data and small power outlets as required.

N3 Building was completed in Summer 2020