Budget constraints aside, working on educational buildings can bring with it many challenges; the school may be active and disruption needs to be minimised, the project programme may be compressed to during school holiday periods, and the safety of the users is obviously of paramount importance. We have a wealth of experience of working in just such conditions; our onsite staff are CRB vetted, our design team familiar with needs of this type of installation, and the project delivery team mindful of timescales and budgets, as well as adept at handling and overcoming any of the unforeseens that can occur on site!

We appreciate the impact that environmental factors such as air quality, light, thermal comfort, and sound can potentially have on the quality of the learning experience.

Our breadth of experience includes all levels of education with our aim being to deliver inspirational learning environments for pupils and teachers alike.

SKILTS aka Lea Hall Academy, Birmingham

Birmingham Schools Framework (Part Two)

St Gabriel’s C of E Academy, Houlton, Rugby

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