CGJ vs One Creative Environments, 8th August, 2012

Following a year’s gap we welcome back the team from One Creative Environments for this our penultimate fixture of the year. The weather for the evening promised to be the best we have experienced to date this year & the looming grey clouds present for most of the preceding games were absent.

The response from the employees at One was fantastic & they managed to field a full team +1.

The coin was tossed & came down in favour of the One team who quickly made the decision to put the Coles Grant & Jones team in to bat first.
The One team took up their fielding positions whilst Coles Grant & Jones team decided on the first victims to face the One bowling. It was quickly decided to sacrifice….sorry play two of the younger team members in the form of Ashley Jones with Will Briscoe as his batting partner.

One’s bowling was started off by Steve Hance who took Will’s wicket on his third ball. Will wasn’t out for a duck though he managed to score a single before his dismissal. Ashley fared a little better during his first defence of the wicket scoring 6 before being bowled out by One’s second bowler Simon Sargent.

Wills brother Charlie ‘Chas’ Briscoe was the next man for CGJ & managed to get a couple of runs before being bowled out by One’s secret weapon Helen ‘Stealth’ Washbourne, One’s only lady player. Helens bowling was preceded by that of Bud Solan who managed to hold CGJ to scoring only three runs.

Craig ‘The Elder’ Coles was next up for the CGJ team who was partnered by the youngest member of the CGJ team, his son Alister ‘Junior’ Coles. This combination proved to be quite fruitful with Craig scoring 19 runs during his first batting period with Alister adding 11 before being bowled & caught by Robert ‘Multi Task’ Moore….That’s just greedy!

Craig retired not out & awaited his second stint at batting. Tom Marlow took up the Bowling from Robert & only allowed the CGJ team score another 4 runs.

Carl ‘Jedi’ Jones was next to face the bowling from the One team. Carl employed the Jedi method of batting by closing his eyes & using ‘The Force’ which seemed to work as he clocked up a total of 16 runs before retiring not out after receiving his quota of balls. Bowling during his batting period was by Alex ‘Obi-Wan’ Hall, Sean ‘Skywalker’ Tester & Dan ‘Yoda’ Sullivan who despite employing the ‘Dark Side’ did not manage to banish Carl back to the pavilion.

Chris Tooze was next & managed to add a further 11 runs to the CGJ total before being run out during the 14th over which was being bowled by Helen.

Peter ‘Whirlwind’ Allbutt blew into the crease & blew out again after being bowled by Satnam ‘Bulls-eye’ Thiara for a single run!

Geoffrey Stevenson was the last man in for the first session of the CGJ batting team but was swiftly dismissed after scoring only 3 runs by the bowling of Helen who took her second wicket with her deceptive style of bowling, not fast but on target. Well done Helen.

It was back into the crease for Ashley who managed to better his first score by 4 & adding another 10 runs to the CGJ running total. Chas was next & he also bettered his first score by getting another 9 nine runs before being bowled out by Tom.

Craig was out to the crease next for his second session adding a further 10 runs to his first total of 19 giving him an overall total of 29 runs making him CGJ’s top scorer.

Alister again joined his father on the square but only managed to put 1 run on the board before being bowled & caught by Ian Ravenhall who had emerged from behind the wicket as the One’s team wicket keeper.

With the 20th & final over fast approaching Chris ‘Last Man’ Tooze went back onto the field of play & put a final 3 runs onto the CGJ score sheet. The total runs for CGJ was 109 giving the One team a target of 110 for a win.

Following a short interlude the One team swapped their fielding positions for defence of the wicket.

First up were Tom & Simon with Tom starting the scoring off with 9 runs & Simon putting in 4 runs.

Charlie bowled the 1st & 3rd over with Ashley bowling numbers 2 & 4. Simon was bowled out by Chas during his 2nd bowling session.

Bud was next in for One & managed to score 7 before being bowled out by Craig. Bud was followed by Alex who knocked up one more than Bud scoring 8 runs. Alex was facing the bowling from Geoff who gave way to bowling from Peter. Peter managed to bowl Alex out during the 7th over.
Robert was the 6th man for the One team & went on to prove his tag of Robert ‘Multi Task’ Moore by knocking the ball about & at the same time becoming the top scorer for the One team adding a total of 38 to their score sheet & hitting 5 4’s during his batting period before retiring not out.

Satnam went out to bat only to return after scoring a single succumbing to a catch by Alister. Quickly following Satnam into the crease was Sean who scored 7 runs before he to fell to a catch, from another of the CGJ younger players this time in the form of Ashley.

By now the One team were hot on the heels of CGJ’s score of 109 with 6 more over’s still to come!

Ian ‘The Keeper’ Ravenhall stepped out onto the field to make his mark which he did by adding another 10 runs to the One total before being run out.

The 2 final batsmen for the One team went out onto the pitch with just a few runs left to score to secure their victory. Despite the best efforts of the CGJ fielding team Dan & Helen scored 11 runs between them (6 for Dan & 5 for Helen for those who are counting) taking them beyond the target score of 110 during the 18th over leaving them with 2 wickets in hand.

After posing for the obligatory team photographs the gazebo…. Sorry pavilion, seats & other paraphernalia were all packed away & we all retired back to the clubhouse to share a few drinks & tuck into some well earned food.

Many thanks to the One Creative Environment’s team for providing the CGJ team with their only loss this year.

A thank you must go to James Lawrence & Ian for organising the One team, so thanks very much without the efforts of team organisers the matches would never take place.

Many thanks also go to both sets of team members, & the organisers at the CGJ end…you know who you are!

Thank you Reg ‘The Pen’ James, who despite retiring at the end of last year still makes the effort to come along & keep score.

All participants from Coles Grant & Jones thoroughly enjoyed the evening & we hope that the One team did too.


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