Charity Cycle Ride Final Day

Day 7

This is the last day of the challenge, taking the 2 wheeled challengers from Kampong Thom to Siem Reap, taking in the ancient (800 years old) bridge at Kampong Kdei en route. The final cycling lunch was taken in Rolous Pagoda, one of the oldest and most famous Buddhist monasteries in the area.

Following lunch, there was 11 miles left to do. After cycling the first 10 of these, the team re-grouped to cycle the final mile together, pausing briefly for a team photo with Angkor Wat in the background, and jumping eagerly back into the saddle to turn right and over the Charity Challenge finish line.

It was here that the brotherhood shared an emotional moment, and many embraces and man-hugs showing the love and respect achieved in their support of each other for the duration of 6 days, whilst cycling in such adverse, hot and humid conditions. This journey has created memories that will last for a lifetime, as well as friendships that will last the same. In total, including diversions, each team member successfully completed 295 miles, or 475km – over 5% more that the terms of the challenge dictated; no easy feat but each challenger can be proud to say that they successfully completed every single mile.


The final day saw temperatures reaching 39 deg C, over a 91m elevation gain. Average speed was 11.8mph over a cycling time of 3 hours and 24 minutes. In total, 2261 calories were burned by each team member today. To calculate the whole run, thats 19,768 calories, which, divided by 3,500, is approximately 5.65lb lost. The team can remember the losses fondly as they attempt (or not) to replace the missing weight over Xmas!!

19,768 calories equates to, approximately, either

• 220 Quality Street chocolates, or
• 33 portions of Xmas pudding and custard, or
• 13 turkey dinners with all trimmings, or
• 110 pints of beer

Gentlemen, pick your combinations carefully and responsibly

An after ride victory party was held in Pub Street, described as a very relaxing evening with lots of time to reflect on the 7 day life experience. The majority of the party signed up for a 5am trip the following morning, to view the sunrise at Angkor Wat, however, we understand that there were a few no shows, though no names will be mentioned, in order to protect the guilty!

To add insult to injury for the no-shows, some of the party who did make the trip climbed aboard the coach as they returned from the pub, turning up just in time! We can only guess at the demands later that day for the three most commonly recognised hangover cures, which, as we well know are Alka-Seltzer, paracetamol, and a full English breakfast…

Andy Robinson of Lewis Facilities, Oldham, has described how humbled he felt by the people of both countries. Despite an apparent lack of niceties and belongings that are common place in Western lives, they could not be more welcoming as the crew rolled up to take fluid and snack stops at their homes.

Andy has recognised the varying degree of experience and abilities within the team, and has expressed his appreciation for the motivation and advice he received from the more experienced members. Indeed, we believe that the completion of the challenge will leave a gap in the lives of each member, as they will miss further days of hot cycling discomfort, in the company of a fine, like-minded body of men from the length and breadth of the UK.


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