The Future of the Construction Industry under the New Government

Following the election on 12th December, the results of which are more than divisive, its interesting to examine the effect that it might have on our industry.

Following the appointment of three construction ministers within the last year, hopefully this government will appoint a Construction Minister with a background in or understanding of the sector, and meaningful progress can be made on the future of the industry. The previous government, prior to 2017, pledged £163 billion for construction and £297 billion for infrastructure projects up to 2020-21; if this is spent wisely, it will stimulate regional and national economies, support manufacturing and improve the quality of life in countless communities, hopefully assisting companies to develop their expertise for export, which is urgently required under the shadow of Brexit. It should be remembered that improvements in the working environment will contribute to productivity, by making workers happier, safer and healthier, as well as improving economic output.

It must be appreciated that good quality buildings cannot be done on a low budget; recent high-profile incidents have highlighted build quality deficiencies. Budgets and programme cannot dictate quality. Poor buildings and infrastructure cause economic problems, long term, and have consequences on our health and wellbeing.

This government must challenge the industry to build better, by maintaining and improving existing standards, with an understanding of the engineering involved.

We have already seen an improvement in the value of the pound since 12th December. Lets hope this filters through to the construction industry, and this government delivers on its promises.


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